• Paolo in the kitchen
My name is Paolo Ferrero.
I was born in Torino --the latest winter Olympics seat in 2006-- 43 years ago.
In Torino, I attended the Lycée and the Faculty of Laws.
When I was 16, I went with a friend of mine to the legendary Enoteca Pinchiorris in Florence during a trip with our school. Our bill was thereabout 800€ at the current rate. We were two teen-agers but since then have become maniacs about food & wine! We needed a cab to reach the other companions at Orsammichele historic site, having enjoyed two beautiful bottles of wine: a local white and a sangiovese from Umbria. I travelled a lot during my twenties, discovering different cultures and always appreciating the local food: Senegal, Mexico, India, and the Philippines above all.
In Europe, I've visited France more than 30 times, enjoying its culture and civilisation and Its wonderful cuisine obviously included!
                      • Paolo in Cluny (France)
I ran a restaurant in Italy, in my Piemonte, close to Asti, the Monferrato wine district's capital. The "Canestrello d'Oro" was ranked among the 1000 top restaurants in Italy. After a very hard but very proud job, we were mentioned by several guides, such as "Espresso," "Luigi Veronelli," "Paolo Massobrio," and "Accademia Italiana della Cucina." When I closed in 2004, because of family concerns, I worked in another restaurant in Asti. At the same year's end, I decide to change my business. Thanks to Ed Mc Gaugh's suggestion (the "Swiss chef" for e-Gullet viewers), in 2006 I started the Buongustotours Project, a unique kind of enterprise concentrating on small groups of tourists, usually a couple, passionate about food & wine and willing to discover a different but very interesting corner of our beloved Italy: the Piemonte.
                      • Tour in the vineyards